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"When I came in for a consult, I already had neuropathy in my feet. I watched my father become immobile because of balance issues due to neuropathy in his feet. Dr. Malloy has a kind heart and gentle hands. He does not pressure you, but explains all the choices to help you get better. Your health is totally up to you; he is a great help! I started to see results after the 1st week and continuously get better daily. I'm 2 ½ months in and back to doing things I haven't been able to do in a Very Long Time. Thank you, Dr. Malloy!"

- Nancy B. – Neuropathy

“I would highly recommend anyone suffering from neuropathy to check this out! I was suffering from neuropathy for years. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain of my neuropathy. I have no pain whatsoever in my feet. Most all of my feelings have returned. If you are suffering from neuropathy, check out Dr. Malloy at Malloy Chiropractic & Wellness Center. It works.”

- Donna M. – Neuropathy

"I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Malloy and his staff at Malloy Chiropractic and Wellness Center, they are simply the best. I have been a patient of Dr. Malloy for years, but in July of 2022 I experienced great pain in the lumbar section of my spine which shot sharp shocks all the way down to my ankles. This pain was so intense that it brought tears to my eyes and stopped me from doing any kind of physical activity, including getting out of bed and showering! Dr. Malloy immediately started asking questions that led me to an MRI, which revealed two bulging discs in lumbar 4 and 5. I knew I did not want surgery, so he created a plan of decompression therapy that started to relieve the pain. Dr. Malloy introduced other therapy methods that relieved the debilitating pain. He added lasers to targeted areas, and then brought in a specialist who introduced Electroanalgesia to my treatment program. This was a game changer! Within six treatments combined with Dr. Malloy’s weekly adjustments and decompression therapies, I was able to resume my normal activities, with minimal pain. I am convinced that if it were not for Dr. Malloy’s diligence and knowledge, I would have to say goodbye to my active lifestyle."

- Anna C. – Bulging Discs, Back pain

"Toes & feet have less burning and stinging (like needles) have lessened. Leg cramps are gone. Restless legs are calmer at night. Feet and legs have more stamina to stand and walk longer. Circulation has increased.

Highly recommend this treatment for any of these medical symptoms."

- Jerri A. P. – Neuropathy

"I was looking for some help with my Diabetic Neuropathy. I searched and researched, being a doctor myself, and I was impressed with Dr Malloy, his background, and his knowledge of neuropathy issues. Our first visit, I was impressed on his mannerism and his confidence in what he was telling me what to expect with my treatment for neuropathy. Fast forward 4 weeks and the results have been remarkable and beginning to feel better with more return to normal, than the abnormal I was dealing with. Would highly recommend Dr Malloy if you need help with Diabetic Neuropathy."

- Dr. Larry, DVM - Neuropathy

"The treatments I received helped me with jaw pain and chronic headaches. Dr Malloy was kind and took the time to understand my pain and concerns. My jaw pain is gone, and headaches greatly reduced."

- Natalie A. – TMJD

"Dr Malloy is so helpful and professional. Was honest with me as to what to expect. Great results from treatment."

- Ann B. – Neuropathy

"My visits at Malloy Chiropractic & Wellness Center has been a lifestyle change that was much needed! The team is #1 in all these services and really care about “YOU”! I’m very thankful for them helping with my recovery with Neuropathy issues in my feet. I give a big thumbs up to the program. I can’t say enough about this center and the services they offer. Again, thank you for all you do to improve the lives of others. Job well done!"

- Travis M. – Neuropathy


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